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Christmas Draw   12th Dec 2010

This was our only event in December, the Christmas Draw and tea party at Durrington Community Centre.  An excellent tea, organised by Barbara and many helpers, with crackers, party poppers and Christmas presents, was very well supported by some 76 members, all of which was preceded by our Annual Christmas Draw.

Amazingly we have done it yet again with new record takings of £2,204.00 even ‘tho’ some of our regular sellers said it was “Hard going” this year.  So many members manage to sell £10 - £40    worth and I thank you all for your efforts but I must mention our roll of honour sellers once again; Shahab (lovely son-in-law) 103 books, Janet Jones 101, Clare Colfer 100, Joan white 90, Terry Studd 185, Mogs Killner 112, and our past champions again topping the list Gill White 207, and Roger Brand 282.   I really don’t know how you manage it – I don’t think I even know 282 people (I sold 29!!)

Selling the tickets might be the hardest job but we couldn’t arrange it all without the super donations of prizes and cash.  I bought the first three prizes and the other 27 were all donated and I was especially pleased to see a good number were won by members actually at the Draw.   Just out of interest the first prize – the TV set was won by someone in Gatwick, the second prize – the camcorder by a person in Selsey and the third prize – Christmas Hamper went to Hove.  My personal thanks go to all my helpers on the day, Betty, Roger, Roger, Terry and Bill.

Bob Stephens

  Roger Pam Pat Janet Clare and Anne  
   Pat Janet and Clare  
  Roger on the money.  
Pam on the Post box.



  Christmas draw Prizes
  Compere and master of ceremonies Bob Stephens  
 Compere: Bob Stephens
Peter and Mogs
Bob, Barbara and Gill receive gifts from the Branch presented to them by Pam.
Anne Robin and Clare
Brenda Isabel Royston Roger Janet and Roberto
 Angela Gillian Jean and Nancy
Mary Beulah and Tony
   Carol Pam and Natalie
John and Janet
Carole Marion and Catherine
   Peter Mel Keith Jim Carole and Martin  
  Carole and Keith                                                                      Mel  
Roger and Betty
Bob and Beulah
  Margaret Tony Audrey and Joan  
  Mary Stephanie Margaret and Gill  
Barry Roger and Pat
  Burt and Brenda  
Gaynor and Terry
  Anne Mary Clare Karen and Robin  
  Bill Karen and Sophie
 Roy and Roger
Pam with two of her grandchildren Natelie and Elizebeth
 Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas everybody
Pictures taken by Robin Stephens and Peter Hellings