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  Time Span
  Get to Gether 1st September 2012

The Timespan team were invited along to give us a talk all about the Queens Diamond Jubilee and came with all the memorabilia that had as well.
They were greeted by a packed hall of enthusiastic polio members and friends who were entertained and enlightened by the Timespan team.
A few pictures of the day were taken by our photographer Janet Jones, enjoy:-

  Anne Pat Anne and Monica
   Mary and Roger
   Ashley and Robin
   Terry and Gaynor
   Hmm Hmmm
   Hmm Hmmm Hmmmmm
   Mogs and Sue
   Pam Joan and Audrey
  Mavis and David Parish
   Crown Jewels
   More Crown Jewels
   Timespans Display
   Mary and Carol
   Anne and Jim
   Joy and Andy
   Pat in the Diamond Jubilee spirit
   Betty Beilah and Karen
   Timespan Team
   Roger and Janet
   Clare Bear
   Peter and Mary
  A dog
  The End