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Snow Feb 2nd, 2009

Not being very stable on my feet at the best of times, I avoid going out in the snow at all costs, but my wife Karen wasn’t so lucky, she had to take our eldest to Lancing railway station, only to find all the trains cancelled, but what made it worse, try as she may, she couldn’t get her car back up our road. There was so much snow and ice at the bottom of the hill that she just slid all over the place, eventually they had to abandon her car in the pub car park, and walk back up the hill. All this happened at six o’clock in the morning, and I was fast asleep blissfully unaware of their predicament, but I did make them a nice cup of tea when they eventually struggled in. 

Below are a few pictures in the snow in Lancing.


Down the hill 

Up the hill 

My car all snowed in

Buddy, our little dog loved it though, he is just so daft, he thought the snow was free food, and tried to gobble it all up, stupid animal, but we love him.  

Buddy is a very bouncy 8 year old Springer spaniel

  My 18 year old daughter also loved it, the first time we have had any decent snow down here in Sussex in her lifetime, so she made the most of it.
Becs  Stephens
Down our road in at dusk
Below a few pictures sent to me by Joy,
who lives in