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June 14th 2007 Ashdown Forest Llama Park



After a short delay in Worthing waiting for a replacement coach, the original had problems; we left at about 11am for the 75-minute journey to the Llama Park in the Ashdown Forrest. The weather was quite warm, a little overcast, but the sun was trying to come out, so I was looking forward to a good day.

On arrival we were whisked through the obligatory gift shop into the park where Barbara had already set up a super picnic for us all on the picnic tables in front of a small heard of inquisitive Llamas who paid particular attention to Anns lunch.  

Lunch was a chicken piece, salad, roll and crisps followed by a strawberry meringue and then fruit, all washed down with tea or coffee, lovely.

After lunch we were giving a very educational talk by Linda Johnson the manager at the park, she told us all about the Llamas and that they are not bred for their meat and that their wool was of little use as it is unsuitable for weaving. She explained that the Llama has two coats of fur, one long haired the other short and when shorn its not practical to separate the two distinct hair types, but they are a very hardy animal, ideal for pack use, camping expeditions etc. and are regularly used by farmers who have had problems with foxes taking their new born lambs, put a couple of Llamas in a field of sheep and they will protect the young from being attacked by foxes, others are sold as pets and others are sent to parks and zoos around the country. They also had a few Alpaca at the park, these are related to the Llama, much smaller than their cousins, but their hair is all one length and is suitable for weaving. It is made into lovely clothes that unlike woollen jumpers donít aggravate the skin, as their wool doesnít have the barbs that are found in sheep wool, and so can be worn against the skin in comfort.

We then had a hour or so to look round the rest of the park, first we went into the museum where there was a short film running, after that we strolled down to the paths to see the young Llamas playing in the fields, chasing one another about, and then back up the paths to see newest recruits, three reindeer that they had recently introduced to the farm. 

We then went back into the well stocked gift shop with restaurant attached, we were going to have a well earned cup of tea, but we were too late, as they were just about to start loading the coach, so we had a good look around the shop instead. Another good day out, many thanks for all those involved in the organisation.

by Robin Stephens  




Gill on the coach lift

 Ann Charlie and Karen

Our group 30+    

    Dinner ladies

Valerie Marian and Lee


  Phylis and Catherine


 Jim, Nancy and Pat

Peter, Sue and Mogs

  Jane, Gaynor and Mary

 Bob and Bernie

  Gill White


Ann and her other four legged friend
 Llama getting friendly
 Llama getting a bit too friendly

  Young Llamas (yearlings)





 Catherine feeding Ralph

  Karen and Marian


Sue and Mogs

Karen and Ann

A baby Alpaca
Mary Sue and Sue
 Baby Llama
Rogues Gallery
  Robin and Karen
Mary Betty and Nancy in the gift shop
 Sue Pat Karen and June in the gift shop

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