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May 2nd 2007 Hamble River Cruise



What a super day, the sun was shining the temperature was perfect, just right for a cruise up the Hamble River.

We arrived in good time; all boarded without problems, found our seats and readied ourselves for a cruise.

First we left Ocean Village, turned right towards Southampton water, on the way the captain pointed out places of interest including hundreds of blades (see pix below) that were made on the Isle of Wight, for wind farms around the world, soon we had reached Southampton water, unfortunately there werenít any huge boats or liners in port, but very interesting nevertheless, there were a number of cargo boats going past, off to far flung places around the world no doubt, but the sea princess had left port a few days earlier for her cruise.

Half way across Southampton water lunch was served, chicken and chips, lovely, as we ate we entered Hamble River, missed the most interesting part, but just managed a glimpse of Hamble marina as we passed. The boat weaved through dozens of moored boats along the river and we could see many very expensive homes along the shoreline. A mile or so up we turned around and returned, at this point I rushed the rest of my food down, so I could see the view on the way back.

We went upstairs on the return voyage to take in the air, and stayed there until we moored up again at Ocean Village, a great little cruise but over far far too quickly, we went on the two hour cruise, but it was over in a flash, a three hour cruise would have been just right for me.

After disembarking Karen and I walked around ocean village, and other than a few people around the two restaurants, the rest of the village was deserted, at one point I left Karen talking doggy talk to Ann, and took off on my scooter down the other way from the restaurants, past the cinema down the river, I went half or mile or so, but didnít see or bump into a single sole, it felt a little creepy to be honest, and was pleased to be back with my group.

Any way, a big thanks for all those involve in the organisation, we all really enjoyed it, and look forward to the next event.

 Robin Stephens



 Ocean Scene


 This is Ocean Village

Blades for wind farm



  Robin and Karen

 Hamble River

Jane Bernie and Roger


Diana and Phil



  Jim and Betty








 Karen and Bill
 Jane Bernie and Karen
 Janet and Roger
 Barbara and Robin
 Sexy legs
Ann and Charlie