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Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust  May 20th 2010

A warm overcast day in was the setting for the first outing of the year at the wildfowl and wetlands trust at Arundel.  Most of us arrived at 11.30 just in time for lunch, except the mini bus who got held up. So with tummies full we set off on our journey around the lakes. We had bought some food for the ducks to eat, and made it our mission to feed every single bird, except the pigeons of course. 
Half way round there were a few hides followed by a long wooden boardwalk through the reed beds which was very  interesting and at the end a boat ride. The boat could only take one wheelchair at a time, but they have three boats, however only one was running, which was a shame, as some people didnít have time to go on the boat. Then we returned to the center for a naughty but nice ice cream. A good day indeed many thanks to the organisers.





Video above and pictures below




 Barbara Betty and Bob

  Terry and Gaynor
 Mogs and Peter
 Robin and his new driver
 Karen Peter and Bob resting at the halfway mark
 Ann and Margaret
 Carol and Marion
 Margo and Audrey
 Peter and Cora
 Boat ride
Robin and Ann
 Hollie with Charlie