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May 26th 2009 Wisley Gardens

Wisley Gardens
After a long delay in Worthing and the coach driver going the wrong way, we eventually arrived at Wisley gardens around lunchtime and as we had to be back at the coach by 3.30pm we decided to forgo lunch and headed straight for the grounds. Although it was quite busy, there was plenty of space to get away from it all, and enjoy the spectacular gardens and flower displays.

Below are a few pictures of the day sent in by Janet and Roger, Clare C, and Robin and Karen.

   Roger J



 Alium in bud
 Robin in the Green house
 June & Bill
 Roger B
 Jim T
 Ann C
  Marion E
My Favourite plant of the day, the "Mother-in-laws-cushion"
  Caladium Blaze
  Sue and Roy
Lobster plant (Heliconia pendula)
Air plant
 Gill Roger and Anne
 Ann Charlie and Karen
 Dianthus  "Lily the pink"
 Clare C. clicking away
 Bee on an Astrantia
  Butterfly "Painted Lady" on Astrantia
 Astrantia Major "Hadspen Blood"
 Mary having fun
 Struggling up the hill to fruit hill 
 Mary finds Robins walking stick at the top
 Janet and Roger
 Roger and Beulah
Robin and Karen
Mmmm Mmmm
 Bonsai tree
  The gardeners

  A worn out Roger

June Bill Aishas and Monica

The End