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Wey and Arun Canal 6th July 2010


I always look forward to boat trips, and this one looked particularly good. The Wey and Arun trust are gradually rebuilding the canal from the river Wey to the river Arun, a distance of some 28 miles, so that one day you will be able to take a boat from London all the way down to Littlehamton and although they still have a long way to go, they have now opened up 4 miles or so to boating traffic, starting at Loxwood and heading east towards Drungewick and have a few boats for parties and individuals alike. 
As there were 38 of us on this outing, we had the use of two or their boats, the "Wiggonholt" the larger boat and suitable for wheelchair use and the "Josias Jessop" a smaller cruser suitable for a dozen people. We set off just after midday for our two and a half hour cruise.
Barbara and her team had prepared sandwiches and cakes for everyone, and we were soon tucked into lunch as we slowly drifted along the canal towards the first lock, I found this particularly interesting, as I can't ever remember being in a boat going through a lock before, despite going on countless boats in the past, and was intrigued to learn that the water had to be pumped back into the top part of the canal by electric pumps as that 
part of the canal wasn't fed by a river, and if they didn't it would soon empty. 
Most of the canal was quite overgrown, and in my opinion enhanced its beauty as you meandered down the canal covered by trees and bushes. The first boat even saw a couple of kingfishers, but by the time we had caught up with them they had gone, sounds like a fishermen's tale to me....
The journey took us trough two locks, and we were met at each by enthusiast walkers only too eager to help us through the locks and on our way. At one point the canal narrowed, and we had a brush with the read beds along side.
The trusts have certainly done a great job, and we all enjoyed our day aboard their boats, with many thanks to the organisers. 

Robin Stephens

Below a short video of the day, and some super pictures by Janet J. Peter K. and Roger N.




Video above and pictures below:-

I have been emailed a lot of pictures this time, which is good, so I have split them up into three sections, click on a link below.

  Janet J.  Peter K.  Roger N.