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A Victorian Christmas   14th November 2009

Timespan is a new and exciting approach to Historical Presentations and Educational workshops, covering a wide range of subjects and events during the last millennium. Social History includes looking at life styles and conditions of men, women and children from all levels of society in Britain, spanning the period of time from early Tudor until the end of rationing in 1954.

Tony and Lizzie Gilks present a fascinating array of historical talks, bringing the past to life, using their artifacts to illustrate their costumed presentations in their humorous and lively manner.

A couple of years ago they came along and gave a super talk on the subject of “Below Stairs” so we invited them again but this time the subject was "Victorian Christmas show". The show is based on the drawing room entertainments that were part of everyone's Christmas during the nineteenth century. They describe the Christmas as we love to think of it, twelve days complete with the trimmings, traditions, customs and of course the spirit of high Victorian nostalgia, that make this show as informative as it is entertaining.

Click on the link below to visit their website.

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  Tony and Lizzie Gilks

     A selection of Victorian type Xmas goodies



Pop up xmas card

 Tony takes Pams hand 

Pam gets a wet one from Tony
 And afterwards is Tea time

     with tea cakes and sandwiches

   Roger and Stephanie on the raffle.