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Snowed in Jan 2010

A few pictures from members who like me were stuck in for a few days because of the white stuff.

Scroll down to see the pictures


Here is a great picture of Pam Gavan in her hot tub, in the snow Jan 11th 2010.
Outside temp -2C hot tub temp 104F.
Thanks Pam

Joy from Peacehaven sent me these from her house

Joy from Peacehaven

 Joy from Peacehaven
 Joy from Peacehaven

Joy from Peacehaven

Joy's cat from Peacehaven

Joy playing with Paint shop pro.
Thanks for those Joy
A great picture of Ashley, one of our younger helpers,
enjoying himself on the slopes near Durrington.
Many thanks to Ashleys Mum for sending that one in.

Snowed under

When youíre not that steady on your feet, the last thing you hope for is snow, but when the first few flakes fell around the house in January, I smiled, my mind went way way back to when I was just a young lad, and that snow meant fun and can still clearly remember being stuck at school back in the winter of 1963 after a snow blizzard blocked us in and that my mum took ages to rescue me from the local parish hall that we had all been taken to. I also remember Dad taking me and my sister tobogganing on a hill that ended in a stream, that is if you didnít stop in time, happy memories indeed and I thought that as in previous years the snow would be all melted and gone by tea time

Wrong, the snow didnít stop this time, and lay deeper and deeper as the day wore on, only our little dog Buddy enjoyed it, rushing around the garden here and there at full speed, and eating the stuff, he sees snow as free food, the daft dog, and was making the most of it as you can imagine. Well, as you know the thaw didnít come that day, and by the end of the day I realised, like many of us, we were marooned.

Living on a hill does have its advantages sometimes but any are certainly outweighed by being stuck, fortunately Karen is fit, and still had to walk the dog, so she ventured down and found that all the main roads at the bottom of the hill were running with only minor problems so all we had to do was to dig the car out, but as we had enough food in the house for a few days, we didnít bother, mistake.

It seemed the only cars that were coping with our hill were these cursed 4X4 monsters, you know these ones we all criticise throughout the rest of the year, flipping Chelsea tractors, they were making it up and down without too much of a problem, and as luck would have it, my mate has one of these, and after a couple of days he came up to rescue me, referring to his 4X4 as thunderbird two. So at least I could get down the hill and see the world again, but our cars were still stuck, and it wasnít until the Saturday that the road was just clear enough to drive up and down so a few good friends struggled up the hill with their spades and dug my buried car out, well that took them one and a half hours as the snow had now turned to ice and had made the task far more difficult for them, but with plenty of tea and coffee the job was complete and we could venture out again after five long days marooned.  

Robin Stephens.  Pictures below.

 Robins back garden, North Lancing
 Buddy in the snow
My daughter Becs takes Buddy for a walk in the snow, he loves it.
Our postman in his normal attire...
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