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Ross on Wye 2014  


Holiday in Ross on Wye 2014

Campers. Gill, Ruth, Janet, Roger J, Sue M, Pat, Sue C, Clare, Kamila (Clare’s friend) Roger B, Maggie, Carol, Marion, Mary, Susan, Gordon.

We all arrived safely on the Saturday, some by the Hotel bus and others by car.

On Sunday a group of seven went on a train trip which went from Norchad to Lydney and back. The carriages were pulled by a steam train and our group of 7 were so noisy the rest of the passengers left the carriage to go to another one. Some people don’t know how to have fun. Our gain, a carriage to ourselves. Those remaining at the hotel went on a lovely river walk and came back to Sunday lunch and then relaxed in the afternoon.

On Monday we all went to the Small Breeds Farm Park & Owl centre. We all enjoyed this very much as there were babies everywhere. The caring animal handlers were really good with us and we all got to hold owls, newborn and old, newly hatched chicks and new born goats. We even got to listen to a chick who was starting to peck out of its shell. Just perfect. Of course they weren’t house trained so anything could have happened. If I go again I’m taking a plastic mac!!!!!

Tuesday took us out to a farm to watch them make cheese. When we got there we couldn’t get into the room as there was a high threshold. Fortunately Roger had his ramps and the farmer got some wood and eventually we got everyone inside. This was a working farm so wasn’t commercialised. You just had to watch as they went about their work. The owner gave a little speech which was very interesting but we were there a very long time which was difficult for some people. We all sampled the curd and then the Gloucester cheese, both single and double. Many bought some to take home.

Wednesday’s trip took us to the cider house. This had a long bar with lots of different ciders to taste. A few wobbly legs I expect. They had a lovely restaurant and bar. This was followed with a trip to Hop Pockets which had a variety of shops. There was gin tasting, glass painting, a winery, furniture making, clothes shops and a farm shop. A few chose instead to go on another train trip on the Brecon Mountain railway. This was a diesel rather than steam engine. It wasn’t as good as the first trip as it wasn’t set up so well for wheelchairs but was absolutely wonderful scenery.

Thursday saw the coach and followers take a scenic route through the Forest of Dean to the Taurus Craft Centre at Lydney. This didn’t live up to our expectations from what we had read in their leaflets but as usual we all made the best of things.

Friday had a change in the weather and it turned really cold. Some went out on the coach to Symonds Yat followed by a visit to Tintern Abbey. The latter is a ruin now but the driver gave a lecture on the history of it. Some of us chose to have a more relaxing day and just went out and about locally. This time the hotel had six other guests and it didn’t take long to get to know them all. The hotel laid on evening entertainment so we had no say in that. I think some of us enjoyed them whilst others chose to do their own things. We still managed to play games one way or another.

All in all a wonderful holiday with great company. We BPF folk are a really nice group all getting along. The hotel as usual looked after us well. Starting with a wake up cup of tea, elevenses, afternoon cuppa and evening meals. You couldn’t want for much more. If we were late back from a trip they still made us all tea. This year as well as a tea tray in the bedrooms they have also installed TV sets. Quite nice to enjoy your cuppa and watch the news etc etc Roll on the next one..
Maggie Brand

Ross on Wye 2014, a few pictures taken by Clare C. and Janet J.

   The Ross on Wye holiday makers
  The Norchad to Lydney railway
    Carole Gordon and Sue
  Tickets Please
  Gardens at Merton House
  Gardens at Merton House
  Roger and Janet
  Pat and Sue
  Kamila and Roger
  Roger and Margaret
  Ruth and Kamila
  Guests with Sue and Gill
  Enjoying the Gardens at Merton House
  Enjoying the Gardens at Merton House
  Enjoying the Gardens at Merton House
  Sue and Gordon at Merton House
  Carole and Sue
  Loading up time
  Small Breeds Farm Park & Owl Centre.
  Small Breeds Farm Park & Owl Centre.
  Clare and a goat
  No Janet, put it down
  Mary with a goat
  Gill and Kid
  Clare and Kid
  Mandarin Duck
  Kamila and Sue
  Hi, my names Roger and you are...........
  Sue and Kid
  A walk down to the river Wye and back
  Happy Holidays
  Off we go again
  Hold tight everyone
  Janet outside The Cheese House
  Cheese, hmm hmmm
  Marion and Carole
  Marion and Carole
  Clare on her way to Symonds Yat
  River Wye
  River Wye
  Look out point at the top of Symonds Yat
  Sue and the Tank Driver
  Gill and Clare
  Sue and Clare
  Ruth and Gill
  The End