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Raystede June 14th 2013



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A few pictures below taken by Clare Colfer and Robin Stephens.

Our day at Raystede was most enjoyable, I went there a few years ago on one of their fete and dog shows and it was absolutely packed and I couldn't easily get around the place on my scooter for people everywhere, so it was lovely being able to explore Raystede unheeded.
It was also a lot bigger than I remember, and looks like there has been a lot of work carried out there recently, the new dog pound was just enormous, bigger than many hotel rooms, the dogs are certainly very well looked after, each one being taken for a walk three times a day, often by volunteers. They also have a number of exotic birds housed in cages easily large enough for them to fly around in.
Horses and Donkeys were also to be found and we were told all about them and where they came from by enthusiastic staff members. We also found a number of goats rabbits cats and all sorts.
We took our puppy Emmie along as dogs were welcome and found a lovely walk around the grounds for her.
During lunch one of the organisers took the time to explain what Raystede was all about, and that was very interesting.
All in all a lovely day helped by friendly and knowledgably staff.
Betty Anne and Jim
  Maggie and Roger
 Pam and Karen
 Ashley Robin and Bob
Anne and Pat
   Terry Jim and Gill
Terry Maggie and Roger
Anne and Hanna
Mogs and Kerry
Roger Pam and Mogs
Bob and Jim
 Clare with Emmie
The End