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Puppets  March 23rd 2013



Our March Get-together entertainment was courtesy of The Wychwood Puppets, ably demonstrated by Steve and Christine Clarke. There has been a history of puppetry in this country for 350 years and we were shown a variety of examples, ranging from shadow puppets operated by rods, through glove puppets to marionettes.
Among the shadow puppets were Javanese figures and Indian warriors. They were illuminated from behind and their shadows fell on to a fine screen.
The glove puppets were the famous Punch and Judy, although their baby was a rod puppet. Each figure was operated by one hand and this became more difficult when two puppets were in action.
The marionettes came to life with music. First of all was the soldier jigging and gesticulating to The Sentry Song from “Iolanthe” by Gilbert and Sullivan. Operating a marionette needs two hands and several fingers to pull the strings attached to all parts of the puppet’s body.
Then we had a demonstration of two oriental marionettes, followed by a macabre dance from a skeleton. Finally there was an amusing strong man attempting to lift a heavy weight.
Thank you, Pam Gavan, for arranging another interesting talk.

Anne Wood