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Planetarium July 26th 2013



Report By Barbara Stephens

Our visit to the Planetarium in Chichester was a great success and was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

The gentlemen who run it are extremely helpful and kind and looked after us so well with coffee and tea on arrival.

The actual planetarium is a large dome shaped building with rows of aircraft seats all round to seat 100 people – very comfortable they were too.  The performance started with one of the experts telling us all about the night skies and the various stars and planets to look out for. The room was very gradually darkened so your eyes could get adjusted but when they reduced the light completely the effect of the “night sky” was stunning and with no light pollution – it was wonderful – it took me back to the days during the war when no lights were allowed anywhere and the night sky was completely natural unless we had an air raid and the searchlights would light up the sky.

I was amazed at how these various stars, comets etc stayed together, they just hang in there?

The performance lasted about an hour then we were shepherded into another air conditioned room where we had our picnic that Gill and I arranged between us, and once again drinks were provided.

I hated being late but it took me nearly one and half hours to get to Chichester from Findon (usually ½ hr journey)– the roads were a nightmare- it was the start of the big holiday get away so it was even worse than usual. But it was all worth it in the end.  Thanks to Gill for arranging another super outing.    

As a side line I spoke to one poor chap who doubted the moon landings, and if any more proof were needed, click on the link below to see actual pictures of the landing sites on the moon taken be by various space craft orbiting and surveying the moon surface over the past few years, still you cant beat a good conspiracy theory, whatever next, they'll be telling us 9/11 was a put up job....ho hum..

Click here to see hi-res moon landing pictures

Looking Down at the Apollo Landing Sites

A few pictures of our visit taken by Pam and Robin                       


This way

Patrick Moor waxwork donated by Madame Tussauds
Examples of reflector and refractor telescopes
The schematic of both types of telescope.
Jane enjoying her coffee
Sue enjoying hers
Ashley joined us
Terry getting an ear bashing from Beulah
Robin listening to Bernies journey to the planetarium
Roger and Roger
Bill and Janet
Terry and Gill
Terry and a waxwork
Outside they were showing us the sunspots on the sun, fascinating.
Clare and Ann
This is the sunspot viewer
The End