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From Janet & Roger Jones.

Before harvesting begins in July, Lordington Farm, just North of Chichester holds open days to enable visitors to see the Lavender field in all its splendour. The weather during the week had been quite nice, but we were unable to go. Saturday came and so did the rain, that only left Sunday. I was determined I wanted to see the fields so as soon as it looked fine we got in the car. It only took 20 mins. to get there. Parking was in the farm yard, but we were shown to a space closer to the field. As we started down the slope we could smell the scent as it wafted towards us. The sight that greeted us was breath taking, long rows, side by side of lavender blue cushions. There were some seats set out along the edge so you could sit and look along the rows and take in the beauty of it all. After a while it started to rain so we made our way to the side of the field where there was a Dutch barn for cover. There, ladies from the Inner Wheel of Chichester were serving tea & coffee and also cakes and biscuits infused with lavender, we tried some cake and it was delicious. On sale as well were sprays, creams, soaps and of cause oils. The lavender field is surrounded by a wild flower meadow with cornflowers, corn marigolds poppies and lots more. When the sun is out all you can hear is the steady drone of bumble bees as they go from one flower to another, sadly it was raining so they kept away. We were told that the oil produced is essential oil rather than absolute oil. Essential oil is produced through steam distillation using pure fresh water from under the South Downs, rather than by the use of solvents and gasses as in absolute oils. We were also told that the variety they grow is French and called Maillette L. Angustifolia known for its high quality oil for the perfume and aromatherapy markets. If you want to see the lavender fields in full glory next year, put a reminder in your diary for early July 2012


  Roger in the Lavender field
  The End