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Fancy Dress Lantern Hotel 1971


Bob Stephens played the host

Me as a teenager (Robin Stephens)

June Finch

June Finch

Who is this, anyone remember please.

Betty Fumagalli

I know the face, but I cant remember her name, any ideas?

Jill Davey

Jill Davey

Barbara Stephens

Barbara Stephens (it was 1971 actually)

Sora  (Aishas sister)

Karen Stephens (now Ziaie)

Karen Stephens (now Ziaie)

Linda Fumagalli (now Pierce)

Does anyone know who this chap is?

Pam Ridgewell

Barbara again 2nd outfit

Alice Skinner

Linda Fumagalli


And the Star of the Show

Mr Andrew Fumagalli


Above Andrew Fumagalli, he is now a happily married man, but still has fond memories of his drag queen days.

The End (Cant remember who won)


For those of you who were familiar with the layout of the Lantern, you will notice that the door at the bottom of the stairs seems to be in the wrong place, well the restaurant used to be two rooms, with the centre door being the main entrance, does anyone have any pictures of what it looked like then, if so, email them to me, and I will put them on the site. If you only have photographs, then email me, and I can have them scanned in.


For those interested the camera was an old Russian Zenith B, long gone,
using 400asa film, that I used to develop and print myself, great fun.