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Polio indoor games

February 23rd 2008

Marriott Hotel Leicester  

After 16+  years at Walsall, the polio games moved 45 miles or so east to Leicester, where the Marriott hotel was to host this prestigious event. Situated just a few hundred yards from the M1, it was also a much quicker and easier venue to find. Karen and I took Maureen and Mary in our car, two electric mobility scooters and enough luggage for a month, except Maureen who had packed all her clothes in a teeny weeny bag.

Karen on the balcony overlooking the foyer. 


Upon arrival we were given our room keys from the polio games visitors desk and were very pleased to find that our rooms were close to the lift on the third floor, last year we had to walk miles to find our rooms, so that was a definite plus, the rooms were new, well presented and spotlessly clean, the beds were also very comfortable and the decor complimentary.

We arrived at about 3.30pm, evening meal was at 7pm so we had a few hours to chat with old friends we had met in the previous year. The first meal was very good, a self serve buffet, beef, curried chicken or a veggie option, with plenty of help at hand if needed.

We spent the rest of that evening at the bar/foyer , where we were introduced to posh hotel bar prices and although I was assured the prices were in line with similar hotels, I still felt that £7 for a small 175ml glass of rosé wine was a little steep, the beer was only £3.95!!!! a bottle of bud, so that kept me happy and we spent an enjoyable evening playing a game or two of dominoes with the rest of the Worthing gang.

The Games

On the morning of the games we overslept, not waking until 8.10am, and we had to shower, breakfast and sign in for the games by 9am, so we were a little rushed, and although I missed the sign in time by 15 mins or so, it didn't really seem to matter.

 Darts room

Me playing a chap from Scotland.

At about 10.15am I played the first game, and lost, so with 100% concentration I started on my second game determined to defeat my opponent. We got down to doubles, it was neck and neck, the heat was really on, people were cheering, my supporters blowing me kisses, (thanks Karen) but again and unbelievably my dart bounced out of the board at a crucial stage, and I lost again, oh the shame of it, I got up, took my bows and headed towards the strong stuff, as it was the first break, coffee and biscuits with grapes, water melon, honeydew melon, plums, apples bananas and much more, were all available if wanted, so we did our best.      

Me at coffee time.

 So that was it, I was out again in the first round, so after my team had consoled me and wiped the tears back, we had coffee and cakes then went to see how the rest of the south of England region were getting on, confident that my failure would not be the order of the day.

Bill Finch umpiring the indoor bowls.

Terry Studd was doing well at Cribbage, actually winning a few games, hooray. 

We were also doing quite well at the Boccia, a game similar to the French game of boulle but instead of playing with a hard ball on a soft surface, Boccia is played with a soft ball on a hard surface.

Mary and June played dominoes and had also won a few of their games, so bravo to them. But in the end, the only points the south of England region won were at Boccia, where Dawn from Southampton came in third, winning us a valuable 2 points, and in the overall results we came 2nd. Er! Er! that is 2nd from last...............

Oh well, as they say, its the taking part that's important, and to be fair, the games were merely a conduit for old friends and new to get to gether for a good old chat. I learnt so much gossip, some good, some not so, and again was very interested in other peoples stories about their particular problems, and what operations people had had, and for me the après games are every much as interesting as the games them selves.

That evening we had a three course sit down meal, steak with plenty of vegetables, and although some peoples steaks were tough, mine was fine, and I really enjoyed it. The presentations followed the thank you speeches, and the 2007 darts winner had set up a disco for the evening. Again another well run smooth event, and all the organiser should be congratulated for a super weekend.

Below are a few more pictures from the games.

Karen and the ladies from the ever popular tom bola

Sitting Darts

 2008 Sitting darts champion, Ron Abey, a worthy winner indeed  

 Standing Darts final.  

The 2008 Standing darts champion, Peter Wing  poses with me.

Aidan and Graham

June and Bill Finch
   Robin and Karen Stephens
  Madeline and Mary Gillies