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Summer Fetes 2010


We had two more fetes organised my members this year, and I missed both of them, as I was sunning myself in wet and windy Wales, one at the end of July, and the other a few days later in August.

Pam Gavan held her fete on the 4th of August, and raised just over 200 on the stalls that she had in her garden, amongst the stalls was a huge raffle, along with a super 0 and 5 tomola, she also had a guess the weight of the cake and a how many sweets in the bottle competition, Barbara took her craft and cards and business was brisk on the bric a brac stall, so many thanks to all those that helped, and to the local co-op for their contribution to the raffle. Well done Pam.

A few days before in Chichester Gill White and her helpers put on their fete at the community hall near to where she lives, and the theme of this one was food, I think, as there were bacon rolls, sausage rolls cakes and even more cakes.
Barbara took her crafts and cards again, Roger J was making the bacon rolls, Terry and Gaynor were manning the super 0 and 5 tombola, Roger and Margaret were on the bric a brack, Bill was on the leaflets and information stand and as you can see from the pictures below Gill was looking after the cakes. Another successful day and they raised about 407, so that was super. Well done to all.

Below a few pictures of the Chichester fete.


Pictures taken by Janet Jones

  Roger making those bacon rolls
  Barbara with her craft and cards stall.
  Carol and Betty
   Bill of the leaflet and information stall
   I see cakes.
    Face painting stall.
   More bacon rolls please Roger
    Gill on the cake stall
   Don't touch
   Carol and Keith
   Janet on the video stall
   Margaret on Brick a Brac
   Margaret and Tony
   Roger on Bric a Brack
   Roger up for another bacon roll
   Terry and Gaynor on the 0 and 5 tombola
  The End