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The Annual Polio Dinner October 4th 2008

With Banoffee Pie on the menu, you know your in for a treat or two.

The annual dinner was held at the Beach hotel in Worthing again this year, on a very windy day indeed, we got blown into the lobby of the hotel where the same old maitre'd met us and guided us to our seats.

Seventy nine brave and fearless soles turned out in the windy weather, including a group of thirteen members from the Southampton branch who were very welcome, and this year our special guest was Aidan Linton-Smith, from inner London branch, who is our national treasurer, and south of England representative.

Terry and Gaynor sold raffle tickets for a table full of super prizes donated by members, and again were very successful, looks like they may have a full time job there, keep up the good work.

During the meal, we all had a chance at this years quiz based on the Para Olympics put together by Barbara, in her spare time, and this year we had three winners all getting eighteen points each, hmm, we only got eleven. 

The meal over Bob Stephens introduced our national treasurer Aidan Linton-Smith who gave a very interesting after dinner talk for about 10 minutes, highly praising the Worthing website for its clarity, ease of use, interesting content, and always being up to date, so he went straight to the top of my Christmas list, he also presented the Worthing branch with a much worked for “Branch/Group of the year” award. Barbara Stephens accepted the award on behalf of us all, and will pass the trophy around to members so that they can each enjoy it for a few weeks.

Below are a few super pictures of us all.



 Terry and Gaynor

 Carole Peter and Cora

 Aiden and Bob

Mary and Nancy

    Southampton Branch
Ann  Peter and Melissa
  Audrey Nan and Joan   
Keith and Carol
 Jim and Martin working on the quiz
   Lee and Marian
  Roger and Beulah  
 Monica and Barbara
 Bob and Betty
 Ann and Bill
 June and Aiden
Barbara Stephens accepting the "Branch of the year award"
Bill on the Raffle