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A walk around Bosham nr Chichester 1st Sept 2010
I do like September, not only because I have my birthday in this month, but the air is always that little bit more refreshing, and the 1st of September was indeed a beautiful day, and just right for a trip and a picnic around Bosham.
Below are some super pictures by Janet Jones, and a few from Joy and me (Robin) of the day. Enjoy.



   We all met at the car park at 11.30am
    The tide was out, so we could enjoy the road by the sea.
   Andy fully loaded with the picnic
    Low tide
   Karen with her dog Buddy, Terry and Joy
   Roy Isabel Diana and Janet
    The old Mill
   Terry Gill and Karen on a slope near the picnic spot.
   Nearly there.
   Gill who was married in Bosham church.
   Picnic time
   Gaynor and Terry
   Phil and Diana
   A glass of bubbly for Diana
   Robin and Karen
   A house with a view
   Old mooring points
   Terry and Gaynor
   Isabel and Gill
   Robin and Roy
   Crossing the causeway
   Karen Sue and Janet
   Roy following
   Robin and Sue taking pictures
   Joy follows over the causeway
   Diana and Isabel
   Janet Robin Karen and Diana
    Joy and Janet
   Ice cream time
    Buddy Robin and Gill
   Bosham Church
   Karen and Buddy who so wants to jump in
   soppy dog
    The group
  The End