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Bird World September 9th 2008

Bird world 9th Sept 2008

Well this was one for the record books, why, because it pelted down with rain all day, but did it dampen our spirits at all, well, er, well, er, yes, er, it did a bit, but we all tried to make the most of it.

After a long delay in Worthing while we waited for a couple that for some reason didn’t turn up, we started on our one and three quarter hour journey to Bird world which is near Farnham in Hampshire. Once unloaded from the coach, hungry and thirsty we headed for the café where we had a pleasant meal with a nice cup of tea.

During the meal the heavens opened, but by the time we had finished it had almost stopped, so off we went into the world of the birds, below are a few super pictures of us all getting soaked, as the rains soon returned.



Barbara feeds the birds

  Peter and Cora

Joan and Nan

Roger and Janet
 Ann and Gill  
   Ann and Robin at the penguin pool  
   Becs and Karen
Parrot show 
Terry Studd