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Bentley 19th May 2011


Bentley Wildfowl and Motor Museum.
The first outing this year to the very much underrated Bentley Wildfowl and Motor Museum near Lewis. Bentley boasts over 23 acres of wildfowl reserve where you can see rare and exotic bird species from around the world.
It also has a fine collection of vintage cars loaned to them by individuals, including an Irish made Delorean sports car made famous in the "Back to the future" series of films.
There is also an interesting house to visit which has been completely remodelled and furnished with a wonderful collection of pieces collected by the Askew family over the years.
And as always there is a well stocked gift shop and cafe.
We arrived at Bentley in the coach just after 11.30am just in time for lunch, pork pies, cheese sticks, quiches and a few green things were all beautifully set out on one of the picnic tables so a super picnic was had by all.
After lunch we all waddled off to the wildfowl reserve armed with bags and bags of bird seed to feed them all. We took the long way round, and found Bob whizzing around on one of the free remaining mobility scooters loaned out by the Museum, so that was good as his legs probably wouldn’t have made it around the whole reserve. After, we drove our scooters through the house, which has a collections of memorabilia gathered by the owners over the years, then into the motor museum which has a super collection of vintage and unusual cars, bikes and old invalid carriages, which was was very interesting too. A really good day, perfect weather as well - many thanks to the organisers. Robin Stephens

Below a few super pictures taken by Clare Colfer, Janet Jones and Beulah Nicholls.

   Mogs and Sue 
  Sue Bob Ann Terry and Charlie the dog
    Jim and Ann
    Clare and Bob
    Hmmm Hmmm love pork pies
  Monica Gill Pat and Mary
  Gill Mogs & Peter
    Roger Anne Monica and Pat
  Sue Pam Betty Beulah and Carol
  Terry Sue Pam Carol and Beulah
    Clare bear
    Pam and Betty
    Picnic nearly ready
     Peter Mogs and Sue
    Bob talking to Bernie and Jane
   Mary, (how did you get up there?)
   Pam Betty Carol and Clare
   Monica and Carol
  Sue Pat and Pam
   Relaxing half way round
   Pat and Sue
   Afternoon tea
   Motor museum
  Roger at the Toy makers
  The End