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BBQ 2010 25th July 2010


This was the 43rd consecutive polio BBQ Barbara and Bob have held in their garden starting way back in 1967. Barbara had been working for weeks to get all the bits and pieces ready and all the helpers had to do was to join the dots to make it all happen, and it was perfect, perfectly cooked kebabs, perfectly cooked sausages even perfectly cooked chicken. There were about 65 hungry tummies to fill this year so the cooks got cooking and the helpers got serving, and all were very satisfied indeed and to top it all the weather was perfect as well.

We had a few fund raising stalls in the garden, Robin had his infamous zero and five tombola which took just under 100 again with the help of Terry and Gaynor. Jean on the raffle raised another 122 and Pam on the craft card stall took just over 60 so it was also a profitable day as well and many thanks to all those involved.

Below are a few pictures of the event sent into me by Janet Jones, and a few from Robin. If you would like yours included then send them into me at


   The 43rd polio BBQ 2010



 Betty getting the cards sorted

   Robin with his infamous Zero and five tombola
   Jean on the raffle
   Hollie and Ashley, our younger helpers
   Pam gets the BBQ tools ready
   Brenda and June in their normal position
   More gazeboes going up
   Roy has a shot at the tombola
   as does Georgina
   Love in with Roger and Terry
   Roger and Jenny
   Carol Sue and Pat
   Bob and Gill
   Pam has a go on the tombola
   Jackie and Karen
   Karen and Beulah
   Karen and Robin
   Barbara and Roger
   Alan and Alison
   Joan and Pam
   Isabel and Roy
   Peter and Mel
   Georgina Clare and Burt
   BBQ's getting ready
   The three Rogers
   Martin and Jim
   Stephanie and Margaret
  David and Mavis
   Janet and Bob
   Terry and Gaynor
   Nancy and Isabel
   Margaret and Pam
   Moggs and Kerry
    Roger and Janet
   Bob Colin Farhun and Shahab
   Beulah Karen and Betty
   Shahab and Bill
   Mmmm food
   Jackie and Colin (New BBQ recruits)
    Shahab and Robin
   Pam Georgina and Hollie
   Whats she doing????
   Robin and Gaynor
  Royston Nancy Bob Jim and Pam
  Royston Nancy Bob Jim and Pam
  The End