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Mary Rose Trip 16th May 2014

Another sunny day for one of our outings, this time to the Mary Rose Museum at the historic dockyards in Portsmouth.

The Mary Rose sank in the Solent in 1545 and was rediscovered in 1971 and salvaged in 1982 and they have recently opened a museum to show off her decks and the artefacts found.
But as a wheel chair user I found it a bit frustrating as there were very few windows at my height, so seeing the wreck was a bit hit and miss, apparently they are drying out the Mary Rose and this should be completed within five years when they will replace the small windows with plate glass, still it was very interesting albeit a bit dark.

We then had a quick lunch before jumping onto the boat for a harbour tour, where we saw the HMS
Illustrious and also saw the new stealth destroyer they were building HMS Daring that should be able to evade radar, lets hope it never gets lost.

Then we shot back to the Victory and I was able to take my scooter onto the lower deck, which was great, a lot bigger inside that I can remember, as can be seen from the pictures below.

After that Karen was gasping for another  cup of tea and so we made our way back to Costa-plenty by HMS Warrior for a cuppa or two and despite the tide being in, I drove my scooter up the steep slope onto the deck of the Warrior, apparently its a lot easier at low tide as the angle of the ramp is lower, but we made it.
A great day indeed, many thanks to the organisers.
Enjoy the pictures.


  Pictures taken by Robin and Kamila and Janet.

Gill and Alan

  Ann and Sue
  Mary Rose Museum
  The Mary Rose
  The Mary Rose
  A Canon from The Mary Rose
  Canon Balls The Mary Rose
  The Mary Rose Canon
  Plates from The Mary Rose
   Terry has a massive hot dog at Lunch time.
  Robin and Karen with a small beef burger
  Carole Cresdee
  The harbour tour, the Spinnaker tower 560 feet.
    HMS Warrior Launched 1860
  Roger and Alan
  IOW in the distance
  HMS Illustrious 1982
  Sue and Gordon
  Carole Gatford tries on a few hats
  Robin in front of the HMS Victory
   Gill and Mary
  Karen and Gill
  Onboard the HMS Victory, lower deck
  Terry Inside the HMS Victory lower deck
  Alan Roger and Clare
  Terry Marion Carol Linda and Keith
  Rogers Canon
   Roger Roger and Janet
  Clare bear
  Afternoon tea by the HMS Warrior
  Pam and Jim
  Roger Beulah and Betty
  Kamila Maggie and Roger
  HMS Warrior Stern
  HMS Warrior
  Deck of HMS Warrior
  Robin on the Deck of HMS Warrior
  Canon on HMS Warrior
  Loading up to go home


  The End