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Bluebell Railway Tues May 12th 2015


I do like bluebells, I love the aroma always have so when I learned we were going on the Bluebell railway at Sheffield Park in the bluebell season I was very pleased indeed.
We were booked onto the 1.30pm train that would take us from Sheffield park station right up to the newly opened East Grinstead station and back.
We all boarded in good time and had a whole carriage to our selves, this carriage had in fact been converted for wheel chair use with a lift and plenty of spaces for wheelchairs. We set off at 1.30pm sharp and enjoyed the slow ride passed the many bluebells on bloom and also saw a herd of deer in one of the fields as we passed by. This was a very well attended outing as 39 people came along for the ride, here are a few pictures taken by Janet Jones and a couple from me (Robin) and a short video I took with my little Sony Handycam. Enjoy.

  This is the Video I shot, click on the arrow to view it.


      This is the steam train that pulled us, it was built in 1936
  Roger looking round the engine sheds
   Lots of levers to pull
  Pullman carriage
  Janet operation the signals
  Peter and Mogs
  Robin and Karen
  Gaynor and Terry
  Roger Pat and Gordon
  Sue having a laugh with Carole
  Karen checking the passengers
   Picnic time
  Emmie came along as well
  Mogs and Maggy
  Tunnel 750 yards long
  They put the lights on through the tunnel
  A great shot from Janet as we leave the tunnel
  Peter and Cora
  Peter and Roger
  Carole and Barbara
  The attendant came round and told us some interesting stories
  Mogs on the lift
  Pam and Pat
  Karen and Barbara
  Sheffield park station is on the Greenwich Meridian

The End