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Mini games 15th Jan 2011

At the January get-to-gether we had our mini games fun day, there were six teams of eight and all eagerly competed against each other to win the prized mini game honourable award.
First we played artist, then we had identify 20 celebrities from their pictures, then on the skill games Quoits, Skittles and Bagatelle. Great fun, especially as I was on the winning team, although I must admit, I've played these games with my parents, Barbara and Bob, for the past 50 years or so.
A few photo's from Janet Jones below.


The teams get ready



Ashley has a go on the Bagatelle



Kevin playing game of table skittles


Mavis playing game of table skittles


Audrey has a go on the Quoits


Roger on the Bagatelle


Andy tries his luck on the Bagatelle


Joan playing game of table skittles


The Runners up working out the celebrities.




Bob relaxing after a busy day