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Made Clares blood boil


  Clare C. Spotted the following article in the letters section of the Worthing Herald newspaper and said that it had made her blood boil.  
  Herald newspaper March 2010.  
  And in response Clare wrote the following to the newspaper.  
I was flabbergasted to read Wendy Taylor's letter re wheelchair accessible buses.
As a user of the No 7, 700 & pulse buses, I challenge her to sit in an electric wheelchair and manoeuvre it into the allocated space.  It is extremely difficult.
Very few buses and trains stations are wheelchair accessible. Coaches are not.  How lucky she is having a choice.  May it always be so.
Wheelchair users have every right to expect to be able to use public transport and not be continually excluded from society.
When Wendy Taylor has personally experienced the disability world and all it's discrimination, maybe then she will be less incensed about wheelchair accessible buses.

Clare Colfer. Worthing

Ann Stevens was also incensed by Wendy Taylors letter and has written the following to the newspaper.

It's unfortunate that Wendy Taylor has been forced to downsize from two cars to one and suffer the indignity of using public transport.  It's even more unfortunate that she has such a poor understanding of the circumstances other people find themselves in.
People with disabilities are tax-payers too.  Shouldn't they expect to be able to access the public services they pay for through their taxes?
The benefits of wheelchair accessible buses are, in fact, appreciated by parents with buggies, older people with shopping trollies as well as wheelchair users.
Perhaps Ms Taylor should be thankful that she has the freedom to choose how she travels instead of trying to narrow the options of people, whose lives are already restricted. 
Ann Stevens.   Worthing