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BBC testcard C from the all new PC-ATV program

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BATC testcard from PC-ATV program


The ATV program was originally written for the ZX Spectrum computer back in 1983, it had five or six test cards and a host of other features, and sold thousands of copies in Europe. Shortly after this the Amiga version was launched and this again was very popular, offering 50 test cards and dozens of screen tricks to liven up the dullest of ATV broadcast, and now due to overwhelming request, we have written a version for the PC.



PC-ATV is a program to generate test cards on your PC for transmission over the ATV bands now with over 40 test cards from around the world. QRA and DTMF programs included. You will of course need a video output socket on you PC so you will need a trust card or an ATI card to get video out. Here are a few of the many test cards available. For Win3.1, Win95, Win98 or NT.

A Russian testcard from the all new PC-ATV program     testcard from the all new PC-ATV program   testcard from the all new PC-ATV program


Current version is 1.104.16


Click here to download PC-ATV win 95 98 2000 NT XP


If you have trouble installing the above, then Click here to download the manual install version of PC-ATV win 95 98 2000 NT XP


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This program was written so that control of the local ATV repeater was obtainable from the PC rather than the little hand held telephone units we were all using before that. As you can see from the picture, it follows the normal format, with the addition of up to 10 memories that can very easily be configured to suit any needs. There is a small read me file with the program, which explains installation.


DTMF program availble for free download




DTMF program was written in visual basic 3 and requires a file called vbrun300.dll  in the system folder in windows. Now most machines will already have it, but if yours is the one that doesn't then down load it here and pop it in you system directory.

Click here to download vbrun300.dll



To register your copy of PC-ATV Click here